Double Digits! | Fairfax Family Photographer

Our girl turns 10 today!  Truth be told…these images were taken two weeks ago when the cherry blossom trees that line our driveway were just about in full bloom…


  Yes, I said my driveway!!!!!

2Z9A41432Z9A41482Z9A41572Z9A4184-2Here in DC, the blossoms are a pretty big deal and aren’t they just the perfect backdrop for some Spring Birthday images?

2Z9A41992Z9A4204Happy Birthday to the little Korean whole stole our hearts. She destroys the house, she’s acquiring a real sassy attitude and she likes junk food way too much but she’s kind compassionate and has brought sunshine into every day.  I’ll never know how we got so lucky.

5 thoughts on “Double Digits! | Fairfax Family Photographer

  1. Oh my goodness…these are beautiful!! I’m so jealous of your cherry blossom lines driveway! “Happy 10th Birthday”, to your sweet girl!!


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