2019 Senior Portraits | Fairfax Senior Photographer

I know what you’re thinking… Wasn’t it just yesterday I was dropping off at Kindergarten and here it is Senior year!  How did we get here?  I know because I myself am a Mom of a High School Senior this year and I freely admit to crying on the first day of school.  For many teens, this year will be filled with milestones and a Senior portrait session will celebrate them.  It’s typically the last year with friends they grew up with and maybe their last year under your wings.  It’s also the time these teens are on the cusp of something so great…about to see the world and plan for their future.  Senior photographs capture this exciting time as it is now so you can remember what an amazing, bright and curious human your baby has become.


Sessions are currently booking for 2019 Seniors.  They can take place at a location of your choice…perhaps somewhere that holds a special place in your heart.  Whether it’s a natural vibe or city setting you are thinking of, we can bring your vision to life.  Most Seniors use their portraits for invitations, gifts, social media and for Graduation announcements too.  Sessions begin at $300.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Old Town Manassas | Fairfax Family Photographer

When Kim contacted me to photograph her family in the historic Old Town section of Manassas, VA, I was thrilled to say the least.  First off, her family is downright gorgeous and then when you add some color, texture and architecture, its a win win! The rain held off and since we met on a weekday, the crowds were light…

Madden-10Madden-12Madden-23Madden-28Madden-45Madden-65Madden-70Madden-86Madden-91Madden-97Madden-110Documenting this time and place was extra special since Kim and her family will be moving out of state soon and they have shared so many great times here in Virginia. There’s Prospero’s Books, Jitterbugs Ice Cream, The Center for the Arts where M spent many hours studying theatre and performing and when there’s a sign that reads “Love,” you definitely have to photograph it right?  Madden-114collage3Madden-137Madden-140Madden-132Madden-147Madden-155I really hope this session was as much fun for them as it was for me.  I am wishing you safe travels and a smooth transition to your new home M family! You are beautiful inside and out.

Moments of Motherhood | Northern Virginia Photographer

To kick off this Mother’s Day weekend, I thought I would look back on images of my favorite moments with some of the fabulous Moms I have had the pleasure of working with.  There is so much love in these photos and I hope you will see and feel that.  Moms, I know you don’t always want to get in front of the camera, I know you’re tired and don’t always feel picture perfect.  I’m here to tell you your children do not care!  It’s you they want to remember. The incredible human who sacrificed everything for them and was there sharing in these moments that really seem to fly by.  I myself can’t truly believe I have three of my own in double digits.

Brooks 2016 (112 of 136)2Z9A96062Z9A9886Baby Sophia 2017-55Behbahani Girls 2017-95Bosch Family 2016 (28 of 80)Chopra 2017-19Eells-Kramek-Walsh Family 2017-33Hayley is a Senior (57 of 57)IMG_3569Jane is a Senior_-115Lineberry-11Rodriguez-9Scarlett 2016-90Tiffany's Family Session 2016 (55 of 57)Villegas 2017-10

The best feeling in the world is when Mom receives photographs from me and she loves them.  It means we have made connections and frozen them in time.  I am so thrilled to be able to create these memories for you Mamas… It really is everything.  I am grateful to you for trusting me and I wish you the most appreciated and relaxed Mother’s Day.  You deserve it!!

Double Digits! | Fairfax Family Photographer

Our girl turns 10 today!  Truth be told…these images were taken two weeks ago when the cherry blossom trees that line our driveway were just about in full bloom…


  Yes, I said my driveway!!!!!

2Z9A41432Z9A41482Z9A41572Z9A4184-2Here in DC, the blossoms are a pretty big deal and aren’t they just the perfect backdrop for some Spring Birthday images?

2Z9A41992Z9A4204Happy Birthday to the little Korean whole stole our hearts. She destroys the house, she’s acquiring a real sassy attitude and she likes junk food way too much but she’s kind compassionate and has brought sunshine into every day.  I’ll never know how we got so lucky.

First Communion Photographs | Fairfax Family Photographer

I can’t wait for Spring but I am more excited for sessions to begin.  I start early, before the big day so you can rest easy and not stress!  Theres’s a lot going on the day of the ceremony especially if you get the 8:30 AM mass and it’s hard to grab all of the photographs you may want.  It’s so nice to be able to relax and enjoy this special day in your little one’s life knowing you have captured your memories!

                                       Invitations or Thank-you Cards!

I have celebrated 3 times with my own kids and it was so nice to have images ready for my Thank you cards.  Communion.ad

I can help with print products such as enlargements and albums too because as I always say, printing your images and getting them off our devices is everything!

Pizza Night

After the beautifully busy holiday season, it was nice to pick up the camera again to document the night my brother made pizza with the littles.  Just a simple pizza dough from scratch…

2Z9A29342Z9A29382Z9A2958along with a little bit of extra flour…


Ok, ALOT of extra flour and of course a heart shaped pie made it even more delicious.


Any night I don’t have to worry about dinner is a good night in my book.  We miss you already Uncle Joe and Aunt Liz. Come visit again soon!

Alex is a Senior | South County High School Senior Photographer

This gorgeous creature makes the world a better place…

Alex is a Senior 2017-61Alex is a Senior 2017-29

I have had the pleasure of photographing Alex over the last few years and I couldn’t be more proud of the woman she is becoming.  collage1

She is kind, friendly, driven and strong and that hair!!!

collage2Alex is a Senior 2017-53

She’s the girl you want your kid to be besties with…

Alex is a Senior 2017-64Alex is a Senior 2017-35

Alex, the world needs your light, your goodness and that bright smile.  I’m lucky to know you and grateful to be able to document this exciting time. Wherever life takes you, I know you will be a shinning success.