Moments of Motherhood | Northern Virginia Photographer

To kick off this Mother’s Day weekend, I thought I would look back on images of my favorite moments with some of the fabulous Moms I have had the pleasure of working with.  There is so much love in these photos and I hope you will see and feel that.  Moms, I know you don’t always want to get in front of the camera, I know you’re tired and don’t always feel picture perfect.  I’m here to tell you your children do not care!  It’s you they want to remember. The incredible human who sacrificed everything for them and was there sharing in these moments that really seem to fly by.  I myself can’t truly believe I have three of my own in double digits.

Oakton, VA newborn photographer. Mommy and me photographer in Northern VA2Z9A9606Burke, VA family photographer.  Lifestyle family photographyFairfax, VA newborn photographer.Behbahani Girls 2017-95Bosch Family 2016 (28 of 80)Chopra 2017-19Eells-Kramek-Walsh Family 2017-33Hayley is a Senior (57 of 57)Northern VA family photography session.Jane is a Senior_-115Lineberry-11Rodriguez-9Scarlett 2016-90Tiffany's Family Session 2016 (55 of 57)Villegas 2017-10

The best feeling in the world is when Mom receives photographs from me and she loves them.  It means we have made connections and frozen them in time.  I am so thrilled to be able to create these memories for you Mamas… It really is everything.  I am grateful to you for trusting me and I wish you the most appreciated and relaxed Mother’s Day.  You deserve it!!

Baby Elizabeth |Reston VA Family Photographer

Baby Elizabeth…Sweet and perfect in every way…


Even when she really wasn’t feeling her best, she gave us the cutest moments…

collage 22Z9A95942Z9A94282Z9A9564and when Elizabeth was born, so was a big brother…

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Sometimes your session looks like this… The pouting and the crying, the mess and the imperfection…It’s all part of this parenthood gig isn’t it?


This is why I just adore at home newborn sessions.  Documenting all the things…Looking back, the chaos becomes art and the messy becomes pretty and we can’t believe how fast our babies have grown right before our eyes. They tell us this happens but we never really know until we are right there in the thick of it.


2Z9A9554I’m so honored when families welcome me into their homes to share a piece of their daily life with me.  It truly is the best.  Welcome Baby Elizabeth!