Pizza Night

After the beautifully busy holiday season, it was nice to pick up the camera again to document the night my brother made pizza with the littles.  Just a simple pizza dough from scratch…

2Z9A29342Z9A29382Z9A2958along with a little bit of extra flour…


Ok, ALOT of extra flour and of course a heart shaped pie made it even more delicious.


Any night I don’t have to worry about dinner is a good night in my book.  We miss you already Uncle Joe and Aunt Liz. Come visit again soon!

Please… Just one quick photo.

The clouds were so beautiful yesterday so I asked my girl to let me snap just one quick photo of her…


We were visiting my Mother in law who just happens to live right on what’s called Silver Bay and with good reason.


At first she really wasn’t in the mood,  but those clouds and the breeze and the sound of the seagulls all sort of clicked and 15 frames later,  we had a full blown shoot going.


I’m just a little freaked out about how mature she’s looking in these photographs so Universe if you hear me…Can you just slow time down a little bit please?  K thanks!